Some Men Just Wanna Watch the World Burn

the real hero is always a hero by mistake

under cerulean skies
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Tragic Freedom
Welcome to Tragic Freedom. Tragic Freedom mostly serves as my icon/fanfiction journal. Feel free to use any of the graphics I post, but please read through the rules. Feel free to friend the comm for updates!

The Rules
01 Please respect my work and the comments within this journal.
02 Remember to credit hiddleasaurus or tragic_freedom.
03 Comments on what you like/use are much appreciated.
04 Please do NOT hotlink, or I'll hunt you down with a rusty fork.
05 Please do not claim my graphics as your own or redistribute them without my knowledge.
06 If for some reason you feel like nominating something you see here, please refrain from doing so. I just don't like my stuff being nominated anywhere.
07 All fanmixes are locked after 7 days!
08 All icons are locked after 4 days.

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